Welcome to Marjorie’s Cooking from Home with GoodHeart

Hey there! I’m Marjorie and I love cooking meals worth sitting down for. I want to use real ingredients and (most days) I want to get in and out of the kitchen PDQ because I have things to do and places to go and people to see. Or avoid. It depends.

When Florencia asked me if I would consider writing a blog about how I cook with their ready-to-eat line of grilled, roasted and rotisserie chicken and beef, my first response was “Me?” and “Nope. I don’t think so.” and then, “I am not qualified for this. I am not YOU!” Happily, all of this was in my head, to myself.

As I listened to Florencia, I was able to continue my own personal dialogue. When she said she and her mom made their line of GoodHeart fresh prepared meats for busy people who are passionate about sitting down to good, delicious home-cooked meals they’ve made themselves, I thought, “Yes! That, in a long nutshell, is me.” I love going out to restaurants, but not on a regular basis. It’s a combination of where I live (small town), money (two kids in college) and healthy choices (if I make it myself, I know what’s in it.) In my everyday eating, I like to have a baseline of healthy and I won’t settle for boring. Therefore, I cook.

Florencia mentioned they create and package their meats considering that home chefs will make recipes with “vegetables as the hero and meat as the backbone.” Me! That’s me! That’s how I cook. I love vegetables. I live in California, so it’s easy to lay my hands on a variety of fresh veggie goodness.

After I pointed out that I’m not a professional chef in any sense of the job position, Florencia said, “That’s what I want! I’m a professional, I’ve been working with food for a living for over 20 years. I want a real person cooking home-made meals.” Well, I’ve been doing that for over 25 years and nobody has ever paid me. I’ve hinted, but no dice. Those long ago bake sales don’t count, because I’ve never gone home with a shoebox full of cash, which I count as a good thing and a testament to my moral fiber.

Besides never embezzling bake sale money, I live in Northern California, married to a fellow graphic designer and we have two kids who are finishing up college and getting ready to start Big Adventures On Their Own. Which means we are Empty Nesters. These days, I write for clients more than I graphic design and I am handy with a camera.

All of this adds up to the fact that I think I’ll enjoy cooking, snapping photos and sharing the outcome. Join me while I cook delicious meals, using GoodHeart fresh ready-to-eat chicken and beef. It will be fun and delicious and easy and I hope you will find inspiration for cooking in your home kitchen, too.

xx Marjorie