GoodHeart facility in San Antonio, Texas is centrally located and ideal for national distribution. Our broad cooking capabilities allow us to deliver restaurant quality meats with the benefit of industrial consistency and volumes while retaining their made from scratch flavors.  All products are cooked to order, fresh, never frozen.  Our focus is on all natural clean labeled products that we nationally distribute through the use of our onsite High Pressure Pasteurization process otherwise known as HPP.  HPP is a method of preserving food, in which a product is processed under very high pressure, leading to the inactivation of certain microorganisms in the food. This process is able to maintain all the nutritional value of the foods while safely extending the shelf life.

GoodHeart is proud to be a part of the following certifications:

  • HABE – Hispanic American Business Enterprise
  • MBE – Minority Business Enterprise
  • SBE – Small Business Enterprise
  • WBE – Women Business Enterprise