GoodHeart Celebrates 20 years in Business

We’re excited to be celebrating 20 years in business!  In 1996 mother/daughter team, Amalia and Florencia Palmaz started a boutique food distribution company in San Antonio, Texas, featuring locally-sourced meat and fowl.  It was named GoodHeart Brand Specialty Foods, thinking of physical health.  The early days of GoodHeart were all about promoting a balanced low-fat diet.  “Back then,” says Florencia, “we would advertise that buying our meats, helped consumers to have a ‘GoodHeart’”.  Their intention was to become a strategic supplier to fine dining restaurants around the country helping chefs elevate their menus.  Soon the business grew to include a catering division that evolved into a foodservice manufacturing and gourmet foods catalog. Eventually the meats and the catering divisions merged into an innovative provider of high quality prepared items for the foodservice and supermarket industry.

Now, 20 years later, GoodHeart Brand Foods, which produces high quality all-natural prepared meats, brings  flavorful meal solutions to cooks at home as well as countless chefs and supermarkets nationwide.  Not only has the company grown in size, but the meaning of GoodHeart has found an even deeper meaning.  “The company’s name has come to represent a GoodHeart filled with Good Intentions, and Good Meaning both towards each other in the company and the products we produce,” says Florencia.  “The GoodHeart attitude of caring towards each-other at all levels of the organization is essential.  With that care, we then pass our GoodHeart to our customers through delicious meals for them to share.  I am proud to see our simple health food company grow into a powerful culture thanks to the GoodHeart in all of us!”  Here’s to another 20 years!