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My Favorite Massaged Kale Salad from “A Time to Kale”

Know when to have fun and know when to get up close and personal with your kale! Emily of the food and lifestyle blog “A Time to Kale” was kind enough to share a delicious salad recipe she made using fresh kale and GoodHeart chicken. After 10 days of grabbing food and bevs on the go during a jam-packed-she’s-working-yet-this-girl-knows-how-to-have-fun adventure at the South by Southwest festival and conference in Austin, TX, Emily was ready for a fresh healthy meal. This one came together ...

GoodHeart Featured on Good Day Sacramento

March is National Nutrition Month and Tina Macuha from Good Day Sacramento visits with Paulette Bruce, cooking instructor at Good Eats. Paulette shows Tina how to make a delicious healthy vegetable bowl using GoodHeart Rotisserie Chicken Breast as a protein. It’s delicious and Paulette makes it in a matter of minutes using one skillet. Nutritious, delicious and easy clean up!

GoodHeart Featured on KRON4

Healthy Holiday Food Finds — GoodHeart Brand fully cooked meats are featured in a segment that appeared on San Francisco Bay Area’s KRON4. Dietician Katie Ferraro shares some healthful meals she made using our chicken and beef. Katie discusses with host Janelle Marie how cooking with GoodHeart saves you time in the kitchen, giving you more time to spend with your family during the holidays.  

Welcome to Florencia’s Kitchen Garden Journal

I grew up in a family whose passion for food and and wine influence our every day life. Living on the family farm and managing a growing food manufacturing business has its challenges and its joys. This blog chronicles how I manage to whip up dinner in a pinch, throwing together our GoodHeart products with what I may have growing in the garden, and what is in my pantry. I am a big believer that many great moments in life happen around the table, and whatever I can do to lure my family around ...

Welcome to Marjorie’s Cooking from Home with GoodHeart

Hey there! I’m Marjorie and I love cooking meals worth sitting down for. I want to use real ingredients and (most days) I want to get in and out of the kitchen PDQ because I have things to do and places to go and people to see. Or avoid. It depends....