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Chicken or the Deviled Egg?

June 26, 2016  |  It’s Sunday afternoon and I am too lazy to go to the market today. However I have just agreed to host my parents here for dinner. They want to grill a tenderloin they have but I am left in charge of the rest of the menu. What can I cobble together? I am still sitting on a mountain of zucchinis, a few cucumbers, and two dozen eggs from the chicken coop. So here’s what I was able to swing: Chicken or the Deviled Egg? appetizer, fresh cucumber salad, grilled zucchini with ...

Quick Chicken Fried Rice

May 28, 2016  |  A dear friend of mine is in town tonight and we are looking forward to catching up and gossiping like two girls who have not seen each other in ages. But before I can do that I need to whip together some dinner. I have finally cleared out the rest of the winter green garden and have a pile of mustard greens, scallions, and Gai Choy to cook with. One of my favorite things to do with fresh greens is fried rice so here goes — a night of greens and gossip. — Florencia