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Cauli-faux-er Fried Rice

I see cauliflower. Everywhere. It was a vegetable I used to ignore and now I have fallen in love. Cauliflower plays nicely with other ingredients. It’s happy to hang out for a good amount of time in the vegetable drawer of your fridge. Feel like potatoes or rice, but don’t feel like consuming the empty calories of a starch today? Cauliflower says, “Try me!” Have some GoodHeart chicken and want to make a quick dinner? Cauliflower says, “Rice me baby!” Cauliflower says, “Not to ...

Zucchini Fettuccini and Hand Pulled Chicken with Fresh Tomato Basil Sauce

June 25, 2016  |  Today I came home from being out of town for two weeks and the zucchinis were gargantuan. I also stopped by a farm stand on my way and bought some early season tomatoes. It’s a little early for tomatoes in Napa and they are not quite interesting enough to eat fresh in a salad, so I thought I’d incorporate them into a sauce instead. Here is the last minute dinner I whipped up after a long road trip and arriving home to an empty fridge. — Florencia