Family owned and operated, GoodHeart Brand Specialty Foods’ offers deliciously fully-cooked wholesome foods to chefs and home cooks alike.

Our products are designed to help save prep time in the kitchen, allowing your efforts on adding fresh ingredients and personal creative touches to make each meal memorable, delicious, and wholesome. Our focus is to prepare our meats in as natural a way possible. We find practical efficiencies in our production that never compromise the quality or wholesomeness of the foods we prepare.

About Us

GoodHeart was founded by mother and daughter, Amalia & Florencia Palmaz more than 20 years ago. Their passion for cooking and boundless energy enabled these two to revolutionize the prepared meat category. Through focusing on simple clean ingredients, fresh raw materials, and the latest high pressure pasteurization- GoodHeart has become the nations premier fully cooked meat processor. The commitment to quality can be found not only in the products but also through stringent 3rd party rating of BRC AA rating.

Who We Serve

As a foundation kitchen, GoodHeart is proud to have its meats featured in millions entrees nationwide. Our products can be found in the deli departments of several national chain supermarkets, inside the entrees of some of the most coveted frozen meals, and even topping some of the finest sandwiches and salads served every day. From amusement parks to the corner coffee shop GoodHeart Brand Meats has been an integral part in elevating the quality of quick service and take home meals nationwide.

Our History

Founded in 1996, GoodHeart is deeply rooted in great food. Originally the company had two divisions: fine meat distribution, and its premier retail food catalog Haute@Home Cuisine. Eventually as supermarkets began to expand their Home Meal Replacement programs – GoodHeart merged the two divisions into a premier cooking facility with national distribution. Today it specializes in Roasting, Grilling and Frying in the same way their fine dining customers and supermarkets would in their kitchens. Through gradual growth and focused dedication GoodHeart has refined its methods to be both high quality and cost effective for all segments of the food industry.